The Reflecta Collection

Reflecta Collection by  PNGs

To fulfill the demand of GenZ PNG Sons leading jewellery brand have launched the Reflecta CollectionThis is also used as dialywear jewellery or fashion statement. PNG Sons Reflecta Collection embraces the concept of personalization. It caters to the young generation by offering sleek and minimalist designs, vibrant gemstones with nature motifs. It allows them to express their sense of style and individuality, providing a range of contemporary and versatile jewellery that perfectly complements their lifestyle and reflects their youthful spirit. This personal touch enables them to truly make the jewellery their own, reflecting their individuality and journey.
The self you always want to discover, the voice you want to find. Look into these stones, you find a sense of self, may be seer blue as the deepest ocean, lovely pink like the sky at the sunset. May be a roaming whale like you jumping through the sea of life. Or like a terrariums growing inside you, full of colour. Full of ‘You’ Reflections of ‘You’ PNG Sons have design the Reflecta collection those who want to rediscover inner sense. PNG Sons Reflecta collection have more than 15 designs from chain pendants, earrings, finger rings to neckpieces etc.