गणपतीचे अलंकार (Ganpati Ornaments PNG Sons) पीएनजी सन्समध्ये उपलब्ध
गणेशोत्सवानिमित्त पीएनजी सन्सने (पु ना. गाडगीळ आणि सन्स) गणपतीचे चांदी व सोन्याचे अलंकार सादर केले असून, ते पीएनजी सन्सच्या सर्व दालनांत व https://www.onlinepng.com/ganpati-specials.html वरही उपलब्ध आहेत. गणपती अलंकार(Ganpati Ornaments) व पूजा साहित्यात श्रीमंत हार, जास्वंद हार, किरीट, कमळ, त्रिशूळ, परशू, शमी पान, पान-सुपारी, दुर्वा, केवडा, जास्वंद, मोदक, मूषकबरोबर शुद्ध चांदीतील पूजा सामग्री जसे की निरांजन, ताम्हण, कलश, पळी-पंचपात्री, पंचारती, आदी उफलब्ध आहे. तसेच, मंडळांच्या मूर्तांसाठी लागणारे हार, किरीट, शुंडाभूषण याबरोबर गपणतीच्या चांदीतील भरीव व पोकळ मूर्तीही उपलब्ध आहेत. पुण्यात सातारा रोड, औंध, हॅपी कॉलनी-कोथरूड, सिंहगड रोड, चिंचवड आणि भोसरी, तसेच अमरावती, बदलापूर, बीड, धुळे, डोंबिवली, जळगाव, नाशिक, नाशिक रोड, नारायणगाव, नंदूरबार, उस्मानाबाद, परभणी,पंढरपूर, फलटण, सातारा, संगमनेर, शिर्डी, शिरूर, सोलापूर, कलबुर्गी (कर्नाटक), मुंबई, वडोदरा (गुजरात) आणि वर्धा येथील दालनांतून गणपतीचे अलंकार (Ganpati Ornaments) व पूजा साहित्य उपलब्ध आहे.
Ganpati Ornaments, Pooja Articles by PNG Sons
Now people offer various types of gold, silver and diamond ornaments to Ganpati at home. To give them variety and good quality of ornaments PNG Sons have came up with a range of Ganpati ornaments such as Crown (Mukut), Ear cuffs (earring), Garland (Haar), Bracelet (Kada-Hand & leg), Rings (Anguthi), Bajuband as well Kamal (lotus), Durva (Grass), Hibiscus (Jaswand), Kevada Pan, Modak and Mushak also available. Even Pooja Thali, Diya-Deepak (Niranjan), Kalash, Spoon is available in silver and gold. PNG Sons also have Non Silver Items (NSI) such as Ganesh Idol, Mushak, Modak, Mukut, Vastra etc.
PNG Sons unveils the new range of Ganpati ornaments
Ganeshotsav, the beloved festival that captures the hearts of Maharashtra's residents, is just around the corner. The anticipation for Gajanana's arrival fills the air, and people of all ages eagerly await this grand celebration. The markets are bedecked with splendid Ganeshotsav decorations and idols, and the festive spirit is at its peak.
This year, a remarkable trend is catching on as devotees aspire to embellish Lord Ganapati with opulent silver and gold ornaments and various artifacts. Responding to this burgeoning demand, PNG & Sons, a renowned jewelry and lifestyle brand, has unveiled an exquisite collection of Ganpati ornaments, puja materials, and silver Ganpati idols. Moreover, they have curated an enchanting array of Goddess Gauri's Mukhavata, ornaments, lamps, bowls, bells, and more, ensuring that this year's festivities will be truly extraordinary.
Amit Modak, the Director and CEO of PNG & Sons, emphasized the significance of Gauri-Ganpati, an integral festival celebrated with unmatched enthusiasm throughout Maharashtra. "During this Utsav," he explained, "it is customary to adorn Lord Ganapati with silver ornaments like Durva, Kevada, Jaswand, Modak, and Shami. The demand for silver ornaments for Gauri-Ganpati is particularly high, and PNG & Sons takes pride in offering an extensive range of Devpooja materials, Gauri-Ganpati ornaments, and other essential items for this occasion."
Modak also highlighted a new trend driven by environmental concerns. To mitigate the ecological impact of traditional Ganapati idols, devotees are increasingly turning to silver idols and mukhavatas for Goddess Gauri, which can be reused and revered year after year. These eco-conscious idols, crafted with precision and artistry, have gained immense popularity for their visually stunning and eco-friendly attributes.
Considering the cost-effectiveness of silver over gold, many devotees are opting to fashion accessories and ornaments from this precious metal, adding an extra layer of elegance to their celebrations. PNG & Sons, a pioneering presence in the industry, has positioned itself to cater to these evolving preferences with their exquisite offerings.
PNG & Sons has a presence in 29 showrooms across 23 cities in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat, ensuring that everyone can partake in this vibrant celebration of culture and spirituality. As Ganeshotsav draws near, the allure of Gauri-Ganpati ornaments and idols from PNG & Sons promises to shine brighter than ever before, elevating the festive spirit to new heights.